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FXR — I agree with you that there needs to be better enforcement for cyclists. There’s also a need for better enforcement for motorists and pedestrians too — it’s a general problem with lack of enforcement of our traffic laws. It’s by no means an exclusive problem to cyclists.

And, no, I’m not just a cyclist, I’m a cyclist and pedestrian. I’ve a young baby so I can’t stand other cyclists breaking light or cycling fast on the footpath with no care in the world for others. Even just as a cyclist, I’m fed up of others passing me at red lights.

But you’re wrong on a lot of points.

For example, on “bicycle clutter.” Only a small fraction of cyclists park their bikes in a way which obstructs others — motorists parked or partly parked on the footpath is a far, far, far larger problem in my experiences of pushing a pram around and having a babe in a carrier. Where there is no obstruction, there is no law stopping cyclists from using polls, trees etc to lock their bikes to.

You’re wrong on other points too…

@FXR wrote:

Why then does the cycling lobby demand I pay for more and more cycle lanes costing up to 1.6 million per kilometre? The amount of money being spent needs to be questioned at least.

Where has the cycling lobby demanded this? Can you point to one article?

To be fair, the Dublin Cycle Campaign don’t agree with the spending on cycle lanes. They have said to me that it would be better spent on training for all road users, including cyclists.

@FXR wrote:

In all the campaigning for more rights and facilities for cyclists there is never a mention of cyclists contributing a single cent to the economy.

Cyclists don’t contribute to the economy? What on earth are you basing that on? :problem:

@FXR wrote:

Cycling requires additional facilities not already in existence for which they will not pay one red cent.

Actually cycling does not require any such additional facilities. People are and have been cycling for years without such.

But the government wants to provide these additional facilities. Because they think that having more cyclists is good for the country, good for people’s health, good for the economy, good for the taxpayer, and good for environment.

@FXR wrote:

It’s a fact: cyclists in Dublin break every law every second of every day. The show no regard for pedestrians, other road users and endanger themselves.

No, that’s not a fact.

It’s only a fact that some cyclist break the law, and only some of them have no respect for anybody. Just like some pedestrians and motorists do the same and some have no respect for anybody.

@wearnicehats wrote:

there’s no doubt that the lycra crowd have to put their money where their mouths are.

The dublin cycling campaign charges €20 for membership. make it €100 and put the other €80 towards cycle lanes.

There are myriad of cycling clubs around the country – attach a similar levy…

Errr… the lycra crowd? From the members I’ve ever talked to, there’s not that many of “the lycra crowd” in the cycling campaign. Anyway, “the lycra crowd” are not the kind of people who want expensive segregated cycle lanes.

And a levy on bicycles? You don’t seem to understand that there’s currently tax exemptions on bicycles and gear as the Government wants more people cycling not less?

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