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@wearnicehats wrote:

I’d just like to add that Darwin would have appreciated cyclists

I’m not sure about that WNH. They don’t seem to be able to evolve. You can get any amount of “yeah but what about the motorists/pedestrians/seagulls” but no solutions and a general lack of taking responsibility for their own behaviour. Darwin might have been thrown completely off by soulsearcher. He can’t open his mouth on the thread and then pops up like a cross between a sheep following the flock and a squealing pig on the way into the slaughter house.

But on another thread here’s the same clown giving out about cyclists!
@soulsearcher wrote:

I was scootering along on the north circular earlier today when an agressive cyclist flew past me shouting “get out of the cycle lane you ignorant @%$&*#” This is not the first time its happened to me as I would weave through rush hour traffic. I then witnessed the same polite righteous cyclist break 4 red lights in a row (I kept getting stopped at a red only to catch up with him shortly after). It really is jungle law out there.

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