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So you’d be willing to waste 8-9 billion euros on a sporting event. Does the Olympics deserve priority over our health system and road and rail infrastructure. Is it more important than building schools and improving our college system.

More importantly is it a more pressing need than developing a sports infrastructure that will allow our children to safely participate in sport at a local level in every community in the state.

As a regular visitor to Greece I am absolutely appalled at the Greek Government’s decision to waste so much money on such an event at a time when they are beginning to feel the economic reality of european expansion (central and eastern european countries winning all of the fdi that they had become accustomed to).

Put it this way, do you believe Greece, with a population of 11 million people and an average industrial wage of €11,000 can afford to spend €9,000,000,000.00 on a sporting event.

I hope that the EU takes a good look at this and significantly reduces the infrastructural funds they have been pouring into Greece.

The Olympics is only good for sponsors. The Australian government has publicly admitted that the Sydney Olympics had very little net benefit for their country.

And please don’t give me the argument that the legacy will be world class stadia and sporting facilities… 9 billion on such facilities seems an awful lot of money in a country that is in a far graver economic reality to Ireland.

Originally posted by rgalvin
What does everyone think about the possibility of a Dublin&Belfast Olympics in 2016/2020?? Just for the laugh wonder what the possibilities could be given that between both cities we may have/be able to build enough venues and accommodate enough spectators. Also bring the dual funding of Irish and British Governments?

Just a thought if London doesn’t get it in 2012!

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