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Yes, that’s precisely what I thought too, and was going along with that theory until a few pre-War photographs blew it out of the water! 🙁
I can’t find them just at the miniute – must have a better look.

The one thing to bear in mind is that, as you probably know, the Irish Civil War reduced much of Upper O’Connell Street to rubble in 1922. Considering that the lampposts of that time had even managed to survive the much greater devastation of 1916, allbeit with a few likely smashed lamps, the opportunity was probably taken in 1923 to replenish all of the city centre lamps considering many were probably replaced in a piecemeal fashion following both events. Hence the rather spooky looking electric lamps that were attached which can be seen swinging in the wind on O’Connell Bridge in some footage!
My theory anyway. Though what the heck sort of lamps they are goodness only knows…

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