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Simon Cornwell

@Graham Hickey wrote:

It does – thanks 🙂
Indeed even on the refractor in image above you can see a variation in the ripples of the glass – don’t know if that accounts for anything.

Yes, the refractor won’t have a uniform pattern, and you can clearly see where the grooves are different on the glass to change, or concentrate the beam. Additionally the refractor can only fit into the lantern one way, and the lantern itself will have “Road Side” and “Path Side” written on it. This stops errant street lighting engineers screwing on the lanterns the wrong way, and causing the main beam to be shone straight through someone’s window. (In theory).

@Graham Hickey wrote:

As for the doors Simon, I could be wrong but it would appear
that the 1938s have replacement doors today – nasty unfinished
steel yokes. Saying that, it’s possible they are the orginals – would
they have been painted to begin with?

They won’t have been painted, and will look like a thin piece of slightly rusty metal. Additionally you might be lucky and find the maker’s name or initails in the concrete around the base.

>Now that you describe them as arc lamps, it is instantly
>apparent why the 1892 set were so short-lived!
Now, they’re classic arc lamps 🙂

The canopies are extremely tall to house both the clockwork gear and extremely long carbons. As the arc burnt away the carbon, the clockwork would gradually move the carbon down, keeping the arc going. In practise, they probably needed some maintenance every day. I’m sure the street lighting engineers loved them. 🙂

Looking at some of the other pictures in this thread, I’m at a loss over the 1920-23 street light. The long canopy is definitely a characteristic of the 1920s, but the bowl and the weird appendage below it are most odd. It reminds me of “dim out” lighting in London, installed in the early 1940s, to provide very low lighting during the Blitz. So I’m confused as to why a similar looking lantern appeared in Dublin twenty years previously.

All the best,

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