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@Devin wrote:

I would rather see the existing [Green] ‘60s/’70s curving lamps left – they have an attractive simplicity about them….I just can’t take any more fussy historic reproduction in the city!!

That’s the problem I think with all this cheap repro stuff, it makes you sick of the concept full stop! I see what you mean about the curving posts on the Green, they have a certain retro feel to them too :), but in their current context of adorning multiple lanes of traffic I think they look just as they are, basic 70s functional stock shoved in for the practical reason of lighting a virtual motorway surrounding the Green – i.e. awful.
The trademark columns installed here would link in with the two other squares next door, and all surrounding Georgian streets – they’d also unify the sqaure which is increasing falling apart into an incoherent mess 🙁

That’s extraordinary that the planning section of the CC aren’t involved in post selection or preservation – no wonder such inappropriate schemes like the Summerhill farce are as they are.

I think of the stout, plinth-like based one as the ‘male’, and the tapered-base one with stud detailing & shamrock in the centre of the head as more ‘feminine’.

I’ve often thought of these like that too! – even if I’ve always preferred the former :o, they’re more rooted in classical design and are more solid looking…
You’re right about the ones outside the Custom House – and there used to be similar Stephen’s Green-like posts here too in the 70s – along with the containers and all the rest of it.

The more I think about the c1937 lampposts, the more utterly ridiculous it is that they have/are being removed. Think of surrounding streets – Westmoreland St, Dame St, College Green – none have any posts at all, yet the very place where there was some, and original pieces of period street furniture at that, they were removed and replaced with expensive new posts! It’s just ridiculous!

I saw with interest Devin in your City Hall post that the archies are still visible marching down the street – the axe just about to fall on them in the coming months after the pic being taken…

That last picture posted there is interesting – I have a picture of a startling similar warehouse location from the 70s with unusual posts – must post it soon.

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