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Generally these small posts can look very well traditionally styled as long as the major posts of the roadway provide clear guidance as to what century it is 🙂
I’d be happy to see every last replica on the quays ditched in favour of contemporary posts, but with a more traditionally styled smaller post along the historic quay walls. And not necessarily a twee ‘olden days’ lamp, but something along the lines of the recent lamps that went up along Strand Road on the way out to Blackrock – they’re distinctly modern yet have a classical early-electric look to them which works very well.

Just on those c1903 posts on O’Connell St again – took a few stills from the film Michael Collins and must admit to being a little more than pleased at finding this 🙂 :

The posts on Harcourt St are the exact same posts that were on O’Cll St in the early 20th century – indeed the film reproduced them absolutely perfectly, down to the last detail! Also interesting to note that the globes were of a lovely frosted glass rather than completely opaque as usually comes across in contemporary photos.

The film also tells us that there’s at least someone in the City Council interested in these matters as presumably the art directors and researchers consulted with the CC on the street furniture of O’Cll St of the time. So clearly someone knew where to direct them towards original examples…

Which is why it is so very strange in light of this attention to detail (and lots more) that Jordan decided to merge the two streets opposite the GPO together into an imaginary street – Talville Row as it were 😀
You don’t want to see the stills of that, they’re too embarrassing….

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