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Or favourite Irish kerbstone 😀

It’d be difficult to draw up a shortlist of posts though, as smaller ones can’t really compete with the larger.
Also the more well known ones will always have a headstart – bit like the bridge poll, it might as well be titled ‘What is Dublin’s most famous bridge?’ 🙂 (though O’Donovan Rossa has proved surprisingly popular)

That’s interesting about Leeson Park – trying think of what’s there now but it escapes me…
Still lots of lovely little green column posts in the area though, often gas orginally but with c1900 electric decorative heads on them with delicate foliage detail & shamrocks etc.

Yes the centred lights are very effective at lighting the streets. Despite the new ones being contemporary, they’re still traditionally styled – essentially they’re the lamp of the standard Dublin silver column painted black.

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