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Below is a part of a DCC response made to me when I queried a number of half completed lighting schemes in prominent parts of the city. It might interest others:

The majority of the outstanding work involved will have to be carried out on Sundays as they are main traffic routes. Dublin City Council has plans in place to complete these projects but is however experiencing difficulty in getting them finished for the following reasons:

· Lack of staff due to the embargo on employment

· The difficulty of getting the staff that are available to work every Sunday

· The retirement of some key staff

· The pressure of completing other projects

· The fact that Dublin City Council has to find funding for these projects when it did not expect to have to fund them

Much of the lost time in completing the projects, to date, arose because Dublin City Council was pursuing the contractors involved in the various developments to deliver on their commitment. Unfortunately Dublin City Council now has to accept that these contractors are no longer in a position to deliver the works required and the City Council is left to deal with the problems. Dublin City Council will work on completing these projects this year but realistically some of the projects are unlikely to be completed until next year.

Please see below for information on the individual public lighting schemes you have queried:

College Green

The Historic Paving Stones are currently in storage and will be re-laid within the coming weeks as work at ground level is almost complete. Works to be completed by end September 2012

Pearse Street

For various reasons it has been difficult to close off this project.

At Trinity College Dublin Science Gallery Dublin City Council went in to install the columns on the into town side after the civil contractor had completed his works. Unfortunately Dublin City Council could only install two of the four columns (these are the two columns with no lanterns on them) because some of the ducts that were to have been installed by the contractor could not be found and the electrical supply was not provided. Efforts were made to contact the contractor without success. Temporary lighting was installed on the far side of the street to maintain a good lighting level on the street.

At some of the junctions along Pearse Street some existing columns still have to be removed. These were not removed at the time due to electrical supplies inside the columns being used by other utilities such as cameras, bollards, traffic light controllers, telemetry meter cabinets and so on.

East of the junction with Macken Street on the out of town side again (called Gallery Quay) Dublin City Council was unable to complete works because of missing or damaged ducts. Here an additional pole had to be installed to get an overhead supply to the 4 no. new lights along here. The contractor who carried out the ducting works, Pierse Contracting has since gone into liquidation.

Ringsend Village

Work originally began in Ringsend as part of a rejuvenation project including redesigning pavement layout and the provision of a complete new lighting installation. The responsibility for developing the plan was given to consultant architects and the contract was awarded to a contractor. These improvements were being funded by the DDDA.

The Contractors were responsible for installing the foundation bases, ducts, cable chambers as well as installing the new lighting system. The lighting columns chosen for Ringsend were rejected by the residents meaning the lighting installation could not proceed. Dublin City Council’s Lighting Division inherited several issues from the Contractor (including sourcing of suitable columns manufactured to fit the foundation bases already provided by the contractor).

A concerted effort was made in 2007 to complete the scheme. However, significant problems were encountered. These included: missing foundation bases, loose foundation bolts, misaligned bolts, several foundation bases missing bolts, damaged ducts and cables.

A Civil Contractor was working on correcting these issues with approximately €50,000 spent on correcting the workmanship of the Contractor. Unfortunately due to missing or damaged ducting and foundation bases Dublin City Council have only managed to complete 60% of the project.

Merrion Square

The lamp standards referred to in your e-mail are the inner steel cores of the replica columns. The outer embellishments which are an identical replica of the original lamp standards will be fitted by mid August 2012.

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