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Alek Smart

A quick perambulation along a thoroughly blacked-out Westmoreland St last evening revealed only a single functioning Public Light fitting on the East-Side of the street.

This shining beacon is tacked on to the facade of the,now empty,former EBS building.

Of itself it`s a fairly brutal fitting as it certainly sits like a zit on the end of a nose,however it is at least working.

The City Council policy for the remainder of that side appears to revolve around the Westin Hotel being good enough to put some candles in their windows as there are NO other public lighting fixtures in place.

The West-Side fares somewhat better with at least two fittings functional,however their output is diminished considerably by the surrounding dense foilage.

What a thoroughly depressing night-time vista this once rather splendind street now presents as it spurs citizens and visitors onto racing through it,lest they experience a mischief.

All the LAP`s and assorted high-sounding plans programmes and intentions do not count for diddley-squat if the Civic Authority do not possess the simple damn interest to take a walk around their own City now and then….after dark that is 😡

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