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@GrahamH wrote:

Do you remember if there were old posts along here Peter before these went in? Perhaps (hopefully) they replaced steel posts? Certainly I remember them on the other sides, as your picture proves.

I’m certain Graham that the same posts on the west side of the square also lined the east & that these new ones were installed to replace them. It was actually an issue during the last election (not the preservation of the existing, but their replacement to improve lighting around the square. The ususal election blurb from Lucinda Creighton etc. indicated that they are also to be installed on the west side, i presume funding is now an issue.

I’ll have a look again today to see if any remnants remain. I can’t understand why historic posts are removed, sure there was a need to improve lighting in this area but no need to remove the originals – as i mentioned earlier, they would have been perfect had they been used to illuminate the pavement on the park side, ideal height & scale for a pedestrian environment.

@GrahamH wrote:

And sadly the concretes on Kenilworth Road are already disappearing. I had a picture of a new galvanised steel pole going in beside a concrete post, but have lost it since.

I think the pole your thinking of is visible in the shot below – it was installed a year or two ago, i was hoping it might be for a traffic camera but its set too far back from the junction – thankfully nothing has happened since, just another random pole erected for no apparent reason, and as yet not others have been added on kenilworth road.

I’ve noticed the new additions around Crumlin, again difficult to see the need, there is some merit in distinguishing the village environment from the rest of the area but this can be achieved by sensitive standard lamp type additions at pedestrian level, no need to replace unique historic posts that often defined an area with generic glavanised stuff that homogenises every urban area !!!

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