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Look at it there – sure isn’t it just lovely 🙂 (although in need of restoration at the top there)

Was looking at them today, they really are charming pieces of street furniture – unlike other posts these actually weather; they mellow with age. And the way the lamps hang so delicately from the arches is striking – they’re not just clamped on, rather they’re suspended just perfectly, as if held by a forefinger and thumb 🙂

In your O’Connell St pic there Morlan it is interesting to note how fast the street changed, and how radically, with the addition of the lower median trees from the 60s on – what a change from the scene there.

Regarding the skinny repros, it was mentioned before but the way that they have been installed on one entire side of Harcourt St as a result of the Luas works, allbethey with original/full size heads is a disgrace – notably the only major element of the Luas works on this street that was carried out by the CC :rolleyes:
As far as I remember this whole stretch had original chunky posts – the current ones are a joke. Harcourt St more than most depends on its historic charm – these quality pieces of street furniture were a central part of that.

Here’s a pic of a ‘female’ base on Merrion St, as well as the ‘males’ piling up on Merrion Square South:

And the O’Connell Bridge standards which are specifically protected as far as I remember seeing. They have some exceptionally fine detailing, notably their twisted columns:

Also their fine classical swags and snarling tritons – a triton being one of the Greek gods of the sea. Usually they have the head of a man and a fish body, but obviously it was decided to go the whole way here 🙂

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