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I have found all the Treasury Holdings & Anthony Reddy high-rise plans for Dublin to be utterly disappointing. They baste in banality and look like the left-overs from a Benidorm developer’s wet-dream. I’m sorry but Dublin deserves better! It’s not as though Treasury don’t have the money to back up a quality design – nor Mr. Reddy lacking in talent to produce one.

In my mind the Craig Henry-design (U2 Tower) remains the best proposal so far – now that SJR by OMS and Dunloe Ewart is out the window.

Heuston Gate, Santry Cross and the rejected proposal for the Players-site were also let downs. That’s my opinion, but it’s because I know the Irish architectural community is brimming with talent and imagination – and if Dublin is going to embrace high-rise it should do it with a little style.

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