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probably what is wrong here is that the discussion isn’t differentiating between high-rise residential buildings and high-rise commerical/office developments. I agree with the anti-social element of high-rise living, although I am not convinced that living in a mono-design estate of 400 mono-tone houses on the outskirts of Dublin is any more socially desireable than living in one of 400 apartments in a high-rise. At least you get to chat to people in the lifts!! As regards car usage – simply put, if you have the critical mass of population to necessitate going up, then you have it to necessitate going down (ie with a good metro you won’t need your car so much). A proper-functioning city of 1.2 million doesn’t need such a level of car dependency – the problem is Dublin is not functioning as it should or could. It requires a change in mentality – public transport is not for the poor, its for those who see alternatives to unregulated car usage and ownership. High-rise commercial/office buildings clustered appropriately would not have any immediate consequences on such social units as the family or the local pub. High-rise residential buildings would have an impact on such social units as the family, but such developments are very often aimed at non-family aged couples or singles as is already the case in most of the 3,4,5 and 6 storey apartment buildings currently being built in and around Dublin.

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