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@PDLL wrote:

If such buildings can be economically justified and aesthetically designed for the betterment of the Irish cityscape then lets just do it.

Can’t argue with that;

A lot of the problem rests with past developments such as Hawkins House etc and proposals such as the first Spencer Dock proposal. I genuinely believe that the SOM proposal for Georges Quay would have cleared planning if it were not for the first Spencer Dock application.

The Dunloe proposal for John Rogersons Quay clearly displays that all stakeholders will sign up to a well designed building in an appropriate site.

The missing link with the exception of the two examples (SOM & Dunloe) has been attractive proposals; an unfortunate reality is that economic viability can go against expensive structures such as the Shard or the Gherkin. I hope that more proposals emerge along the standards of the SOM proposal and that they do so in the docklands area.

It is up to developers to decide if they want to play safe and construct 6-12 storey lego or take some risks

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