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Did you see the last of the tall buildings series on the BBC the other week TP? In Hong Kong they featured what must be the most extraordinary property market in the world via the case of a development of what I think was two 80 storey residential towers at the shoreline. They were are just nearing completion after a few years of building, but are already set for demolition as the value of the site has gone up so much that new even taller buildings are more profitable!
From a distance at least it seemed almost the equivalant of demolishing the Petrona Towers!

Yes it does seem as if things are changing with the DDDA on the south bank (as usual the northside left with the worst development :)). Certainly the likes of AIG House are dismal in height terms by anyone’s standards – sure they’re lower than lots of the existing city!

Some elements of and off Mayor St have proved to be a pleasing standard height I think, such as Excise Walk, and that rubix cube of apartments opposite the NUI.
The 8/9-storey level I think provides the best of both worlds – the opportunity for high density as well as powerful tall(ish) architecture, whilst also retaining a human scale.
There’s no little reason why this level could not be achieved as the minimum height for the majority of the Docklands, with ‘landmark’ developments puncturing this.

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