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Apologies also from me to PDLL. I guess being stuck in Scotland and subject to spontanious bigoted remarks has made me realise how much I miss the old sod despite the understandable frustrations you are all encountering regarding planning issues / delays/ development of the physical landscape etc . I know there is still a long way to go but development s such as Docklands, Smithfield, O Connell St IAP ( painfully slow I know) and initiatives such as Transport 21 give me confidence for the future .It`s an incredible transformation from the country I left in 1996. Also, you`re right that this isn`t the forum for the social issues raised earlier.
I fully realise Ireland is not perfect and has it`s own issues but I do believe fundamentally we, as a people , are a more kind and considerate lot and that pretty much derives from the fabric of our society so I was just making the point it would be such a shame if we lost that in the face of so called economic development.
Anyway, apologies again and lets look forward some great architectural feats and sound infrastructural developments in the years to come which should put us right back on the map.
On Docklands, anybody know whats happening with the U2 Tower and Crosbies proposed Point Village?

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