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Seriously, I am not advocating the Brits running Ireland – I was trying to use it as a benchmark of how deplorable things are in Ireland that we could not be any worse of under a colonial regime.

I am not sure what you mean by ‘carrot’, but if it is a suggestion that I am making a party political broadcast on behalf of anyone, then it is mis-directed. I genuinely could not care less who is in the driving seat provided they are able to get the country past the rut it is now stuck in where it does nothing but revel in its own self-indulgent propaganda about its celtic-tiger success. It is like a baby that has just learned to walk and spends the next 10 years pontificating about its ability to walk without actually walking. I am delighted that we have been an economic success, albeit much exaggerated – fine, now lets get down to reflecting that success in the country’s physical fabric so that at least in 200 years time people will be able to see the evidence of our alleged success rather than just read the conjecture in the national press.

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