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Re above thread “Jesus, bring back the Brits for ten years and we might actually stop talking and do something constructive ?”

I take it you`re a Brit yourself then?
As an Irishman living in `Britland` for the past 10 years I fail to see what they can offer the country regarding social progress , unless you consider the abnormally high rate of divorce, family breakdown, abortions
( on average 170,000 annually) racism and secarianism (Scotland) as progress.
We can bulid all the skyscrapers, roads and bridges we want but the day we lose the social fabric of our country to British influences is a prospect too horrific to consider in my opinion.
I unfortunately left Ireland in 1996 but am filled with pride everytime I return to notice how much the countly has developed and evolved in every respect since then. Personally, I cant wait to get back.

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