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I’m new here but I believe that living higher than, say 6 stories is not particularly desirable from a family point of view.

(I have a family and I live on the 5th floor of an apartment development.) Any higher and it becomes difficult to relate to the surrounding gardens/ to monitor and communicate with kids on the ground, to visually identify ‘your’ home from the ground etc. – all points made by others before me.

I have no objection to high rise office buildings – provided they are located in accordance with a plan. The DEGW Skyline Study is the start of a plan but needs much more detail. We need also to bear in mind that the predominent feature of the Irish weather is the wind velocity – not the rain – and that high rise and high wind are bad neighbours.

High rise (over 50m) will change the skyline so we must justify it – it should be in the right location and it should be a piece of art – (or perhaps in the opposite order?) otherwise what is the point?

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