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The problem is, the crusade, or ‘higrise hard-on’ as Paul (administrator) has called it, prevents real debate on high buildings in this country, which would be very worthwhile.

Describing people who do not share your views on what heights are appropriate for development in the docklands in terms suggesting sexual perversion or religious fanaticism, hardly advances the debate on the subject, does it? The debate stops when people start generalising about the people they are arguing with or speculating about the motives and you’ve done this on a number of occasions in this thread. It goes nowhere. I could start a message starting with the claim “opponents of high-rise in Dublin want the city to continue to sprawl outwards” and continue in that vein but it wouldn’t do anything to improve the debate. Claiming that “proponents of tall buildings in Dublin don’t understand the difference between high-rise and high density” doesn’t do anything for the debate either.

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