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I agree wholeheartedly. I think the DDDA may be realising it too with what was to be a flagship in contemporary architecture and modern city life for Dublin and Ireland is turning out to be a non event. There’s kinda an air of desperation when ye see the posters that they have up on hoardings promising the proposed twisting U2 tower and the Daniel Leibeskind centre for something or other. Wow! The Dublin Docks is one big joke of a development, almost painting by numbers for very slow learners. One of Its so called focal point s, Custom House Square and it’s environs etc… is really fucking awful. So much money invested and spent and with so little to be excited about. (Custom House Square will look like Dorset Street in 20 years time)

Maybe Peter Coyne and Co should take a little trip back home to Britain and get a little bit of inspiration, flair and vision. Britain is a shining light at the mo with it’s exciting new architecture popping up throughout it’s land.

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