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Ok, a few pictures of stuff around the South Docks. Maybe we can get a decent discussion going on the Docklands and stave off the high-rise geeks with their Verucha-like cries of ‘DADDY, I WANT A HIGHRISE AND I WANT IT NOW!’ ( 🙂 )

This development on the north edge of the outer Grand Canal basin will actually be a jammy place to live – away from any noisy roads and with a south-facing aspect looking over the water and to the mountains beyond.
Don’t these apartments use some kind of newly-developed glassed-in balconies? It seems like something that should have been taken up before in our climate.

Fine, but will it all make a successful ‘place’ in the end?

Gallery Quay as you approach from Pearse Street, with Pearse Square in the foreground. No sense of progression from the urban grain of Pearse Street – just a sudden monolithic block. It could and should have been broken up and varied.

The public spaces around the outer basin are well-finished … but no people yet …

The north edge of the south docks.

The simple beauty of a canal-side warehouse.

Docklands regeneration – at times you could be in Belfast….or Cardiff…

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