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Totally true about the heights of current stuff. It’s fashionable around here to say ‘the docklands are a wasted opportunity’ and ‘the DDDA blew it’ etc. etc., and that’s in reference to the low heights of the IFSC extension, and while it’s true, it’s old hat now…all completed years ago. There’s a vast area under development at the moment in the south docks (and also Spencer Dock on the north), bigger than the whole of the north docks developed to date, and I think they have got the heights spot on here – 8 to 10 storeys. In fact I would go so far as to say I don’t think the biggest height fetishists on Archiseek could say these buildings (as a standard from where any taller buildings will spring) are too low. In any case you’re into problems with shadowing and plot ratio if you go any taller, as has been covered before.

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