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I’d largely go along with Graham’s position here (8/9 stories max for the center subject to street scape context). However I’d disagree with your position regarding the Docklands. In fact I’d like to see a minimum height of 10 stories here instead of the max 6/7 which is current DDDA policy. Punctuating a featureless landscape of 6 story buildings with isolated “landmark” towers does not do it for me at all. If the DDDA could take off their blinkers they could statisfy the desire (of many people) to see tall buildings built in the capital, concentrate such buildings in a cluster in a reasonably central, urban and accessible (using public transport) location which wouldn’t compromise the historic building stock.

I used to dislike high rise but to be honest that was before I’d visited cities which have beautiful tall street scapes. I’m talking about tall relative to Dublin – i.e. over 8 or 10 stories.

Regarding some of the other points made. While building taller doesn’t automatically increase density, increasing density requires taller buildings. Secondly not all the two story stuff is 80’s vintage – nearly every decade of the last 100 years is represented by two story housing estates/developments. You should really check out Google Earth and do a few “fly-overs” of Dublin – it’s an awsome program.

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