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What I am centrally saying is that the various people pressing for high-rise buildings are doing so because they are hungry to see high-rise and not because they think it would solve sprawl (though they may believe it might) or for other the reasons they cite.

High-rise and high-density are being confused by the high-rise proponents. The Victorian/Edwardian Dublin suburbs of Drumcondra and Rathmines are high-density and they are of predominantly two/three-storey height. Density is about how you use the land rather than how tall you build.

With regard to height in the city centre, I would be for more height and diversity in new developments in the city centre (up to about 10 storeys) provided it is well planned and coordinated and not just trying to stuff as much as possible onto a given site as so often happens. And that if there is a taller building(s) within a development, it is well-designed and proportioned and doesn’t challenge or emasculate a nearby historic landmark (it is a historic city centre after all).

With regard to ‘proper’ high-rise – I thought there was consensus over this earlier in the thread: they shouldn’t be in the city centre but outside of it, preferably in the Docklands.
The issue for me then is quality not height …. I happen not to think the ‘U2 tower’ is a good enough 100-metre landmark for the city, but I’m not against the height.

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