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“I think many of the antis in this debate tend to use a strawman argument by suggesting that everyone in favour of high rise is proposing this type of high rise”
Most of the proponents are advocating tall buildings (which automatically require certain provisions such as increased space). I’m not mis-reading them I don’t think. But I think you’ve mis-read my interpretation, so… Straw man alert! 🙂

Couple of quick points (it’s late):
Most of the two-storey stuff in the city centre was built in the 1980s, at a time when there was virtually no residential accommodation being built in town at all. It is obviously wrong from our current perspective, but it must have seemed like a very real achievement in those days.
The reason for the Plan Voisin mention was that the post to which I was originally responding was in a different thread (they were subsequently combined) which was advocating tall buildings. Had a rational argument been put for increased height, as Graham has done above, I wouldn’t have been so ‘black and white’. But I do believe that there is little scope for serious height in the city centre which is what was being suggested. And I don’t agree that we need height to signify modernity.

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