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“Dublin will not become a high-rise city, even though higher building clusters or a limited number of landmark towers at strategic locations have become an accepted part of the planning process, according to the city manager.”

could anyone tell me where these “higher building clusters” and landmark towers would be placed?

on the topic of this thread, it seems obvious to me, evidently not to everyone here, that high rise does provide signifigent density. i recently returned from new york and was impressed by what i saw, yes becuase the buldings are “tall and shiny!” but also be becuase of the huge amount of space inside. these towers through the argument that ‘high rises need more land area and therefore negate the amount of space they save’ right out the window. the buildings i saw were wall to wall. i realise dublin has heritage to protect, and i love the current character of our city, but this does not mean that other parts of the city cant change. the orbital metro is a great oppertunity… clusters of high rise around the city would solve problems of congestion and sprwal, provide the modern city some are looking for and protect the historical center. i cant see problems with this, please point any out, it seem very practical, sensible, almost “german”

also, could someone tell me why the AT&T building in new york has no windows? :confused:

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