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I’m often surprised at how many people, not least on this site think there is no public access to this, the most celebrated of Dublin’s buildings!
Whereas for the most part is just another prosaic government department, the Custom House Visitor’s Centre in the very heart of the building, accessed via the main Liffey entrance is very much so a public space.
It is also the only remnant of the original interior left (though there may be an odd corridor or two also).

Well worth a visit, it features an exhibition about the history of the building, mainly focused on its previous uses, but also the architecture and Gandon himself – all housed in austere stone-clad surroundings.
Esssentially it’s just the main vaulted corridors at the front of the building including the impressive lobby space in the centre – no grand 18th century rooms I’m afraid. Quite sad to realise this is all that remains.

Opening Times:

Mid March-November:
Monday-Friday: 10am-12.30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 2pm-5pm

November-Mid March:
Wednesday-Friday: 10am-12.30pm
Sunday: 2pm-5pm

Admission Prices:

Adults €1
Family €3
Students free

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