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If you look at pictures of the customs house at night or in black and white you can see how well the dome really works on the building- and realise how plain the building would be otherwise- but this is actually impossible to appreciate in daylight as it is. What an awful awful state of affairs. On the subject of Gandon- his other beauty down the river – also ruined by the bolsheviks- is in my opinion in a very very poor state – the stone looks very dull grey in many places and around the back everything is just a mess. Also a very ironic misfortune- some of the most beautiful trees along the quays are exactly where they should’nt be – blocking the magnificent view of the four courts! Further east there are no trees blocking some horrible old worn out georgian factory flats! If only one could move a tree. In any case I’d like to see at least some of them removed from in front of the four courts.

VOTE- Which is the most magnificent classical building in Ireland – Belfast city Hall, Old Parliament Building (Bank of Ireland), Custom’s House, Four Courts, Trinity College ensemble or Dublin City Hall.

I think either the Bank of Ireland or Belfast City Hall. It should be in Dublin! 😡

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