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I agree that there is a major problem with speed and competence in dublin when it comes to getting something done. I mean consider the ridiculous amount of time spent on building a modest tram system which is broken in two or a train station extension, Or consider the customs house, It’s an absolute jewel of architecture in the isles, even in europe, yet everytime I look at it I’m horrified when my eyes gaze upwards at the dome. It completely ruins the building. How could a world famous tiger economy leave it’s customs house- customs house of all things!- looking like this?! As if there was some shortage of portland to face the dome in- the whole bloody facade of that monstrosity of a new entrance to the gallery is made out of it! There are some nice contemporary buildings in dublin though you have to admit: the tall buildings are not all that bad. I rather like liberty hall or at least I appreciate that it could be alot worse. And what about the Ulster bank buidling- there’s no modern building in europe which surpasses it. The IFSC buildings across the river are nice too though I would have loved to see them sychronized better with the ulster bank- the pyramid’s should be more evident. In fact a pyramid would really look great on liberty hall too. Plus the millenium tower is rather nice. The biggest blotch on dublin must be the corporation bunkers- which are in fact a crime although not as bad as the irish life buildings on abbey street- the architect should lose his irish life for that one. from what I’ve seen of the models the U2 tower looks like an utter abomination to me – how nice one of those elliptic buildings like in london and barcelona would have been there. The Heuston Gate is uninspiring. Sigh- it’s really not that difficult to create a nice modern building. Just copy what already worked. it’s all about galss- concrete is bad bad. Poor, forever ugly dublin.

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