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@t.scott wrote:

i get the impression that ABP tend s to react with a knee jerk rather than face the hassle of proving to opponents and detractors of schemes, the merits and benefits of such projects.

It’s the job of a developer, or his planning consultant, to make the case for a project. ABP won’t do it for you. It’s ABP’s job to adjudicate on matters where there’s disagreement between the two opposing sides and, though this is my subjective view, to represent the interests of the entire country rather than just a particular area.
In the case of Morehampton Road, while the locals may have been well organised, I’d be of the opinion that the building was very wrong in that situation- totally out of keeping with the character of the area, the preservation of which is a stated objective in the DCC Dev Plan.
Another reason for sending the tall ones (if we decide they are needed) to a more ‘blank slate’ area such as the docklands.

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