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granted PDLL but i was making the point that despite obvious flaws, a planning process and governing board is essential to the fabric of any city or town. i am just a little disapointed that ABP seem a little too cautious with regard to high rise and high density developments.
i thought that the denis o’brien & co. proposal for morehampton road looked great from the one image we saw and would have liked to see more detailed images but a politician and local residentts objected and it is no more. masybe it was too high but i get the impression that ABP tend s to react with a knee jerk rather than face the hassle of proving to opponents and detractors of schemes, the merits and benefits of such projects.
as we have seen by the short sighted and unfortunate decision made by cork county council, planning and politicians dont always mix. i still think each major city should have a say in what gets built and where but the 3 storey rule could have disastrous effects on growth. for this reason and the fact that a lot of money, and the people behind said cash, is invested in development this will probably be fought tooth and nail.
and by the way is there any sign of any movement on the u2 site!!?!!

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