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I think the highrise debate shows the extent of Dublin’s identity crisis. Nearly 200 years of economic stagnation froze the city in the Georgian era until we kicked the brits out and started knocking down most of that. Then we got a bit of sense and filled in the gaps that were left the best we could. Then, a few years ago, we got rich, but were too scared/ unimaginative to do anything except continue filling in the gaps, this time with a bit more taste.
As far as I can see, that’s it. With the odd exception, we’ve no grand Victorian flourishes, no great deco buildings – modernism and much of the 20th century passed us by…
I think it’s understandable that people are getting impatient with Dublin’s failure to assert its new reality visually, and highrise is the quick, easy way for a generation to put its stamp on the look of a city.
With an almost totally flat skyline, obviously we have to be careful what we put up, but we’ve nearly 10 years of a boom behind us and nothing special to show for it besides an increasingly-filthy spike. I don’t know where the problem is, but we seem incapable of taking risks and making bold statements. I don’t necessarily want skyscrapers everywhere but we need to start building to reflect the fact that we’re a dynamic, European capital…

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