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Exactly, Thomand Park. I am not specifically commenting on issues related to height, but on how far we are willing to accept a changing cityscape that does not have to be eternally and solely defined by one period in its history (ie red-brick three/four storeys over basement monotony). There are new building technologies, new materials available, new design strategies – why not use them to the full. Why should the limits of how far we can go be defined by the type of apartment buildings that were built along the length of the Liffey in the 90s. Is this what architecture boils down to in Ireland? If the Graz civic authorities could allow such a building in the middle of a remarkably coherent and intact historical streetscape that has barely changed for 500 years (with the exception of some WWII damage), why cannot Dublin imagine new approaches for the city and believe me for anyone who has travelled to Graz it is a city with a much more delicate and precious architectural streetscape that much of inner city Dublin.

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