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It seems current fashion is that we should have “landmark” tall buildings dotted seemingly at random around the city – at least this is the impression I get. This is a model of development that London has belatedly realised causes damage to existing historic skyline. I’ve always felt we should concentrate ALL tall buildings in one part of Dublin, protecting existing skyline as well as ensuring that any individual tall building only becomes a “landmark” if it deserves it architecturally and not simply because it dwarfs all surrounding buildings.

I absolutely agree. As well as landmarks, developers are now automatically presuming they can go for 7, 8 or 9 stories in a 4 to 5 storey area. And they’re often granted by DCC, even though there’s any number of objectives and policies in the Development Plan that protect the historic scale of the inner city.

And they’re granting towers in historic areas as well in breach of their own Development Plan – a 32 storey tower in a very sensitive area at Heuston (currently with ABP), and an 11 storey tower beside the landmark church on Thomas Street (refused by ABP).

The developers redeveloping that group of ‘60s office blocks at the southeast corner of Stephen’s Gn. were all going for heights like 9 stories – and probably would have been granted by DCC only for objections by An T and others.

You’d wanna see what is currently being sought for the vacant site on Upper Ormond Quay very close to the Four Courts – a 7 storey building 😮 , seriously damaging the famous image of the Four Courts dome rising above the Georgian-scale terraces on the quays. It’s on further information at the moment.

Agree also about the lack of ‘wow’ for the stuff we are to be getting. That Libeskind hotel is uninspiring.

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