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Agreed. Likewise I think you have summed up the IFSC Phase 2 perfectly Frank – an excellent post.
Though I would say that somewhat ironically, the architecture, or at least the materials used do tend to improve the further back from the Liffey you go – bizarrely the worst of this phase faces the river!

Just on that image posted above, I walked along the street at the extreme left of the picture running alongside Jury’s the other day and could not get over what a depressing, dull, drab, ancillary entrance-dominated space it is, what ought to be a major street linking to the river. It sems Jury’s is the cause of most of it with its dirty cheap brickwork, horrible aggregate concrete and the entrance to a mulitstorey car park.
Quite a few of the facades are blind, the cheap granite tiles and PVCesque features of Citibank across the road are equally depressing, and nobody uses the street except smokers nipping out from offices – a sad and deserted wasted space.

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