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The lack of height in the Grand Canal docks, or Spencer Dock is what makes them boring. no-one cares one way or the other what goes on there, it seems. No thread has been posted here on the on-going developements. Unlike the spire thread which went to a thousand posts

conclusion: tall and interesting are the same thing.

Yes that’s the logical conclusion but there is some truth is asdasd’s claims. Developments directed by the DDDA are about as interesting to the public as extensions to City West or Parkwest; i.e. not very. For the general populous of the city, what is happening down the docks is of little interest (the development of Dundrum shopping centre was far more interesting, it seems, both to the public and even on this messageboard). This is shocking given the proximity of the docks to the city centre and the strategic nature of the redevelopment. There are many reasons for this disinterest but the low-rise business park style of architecture is probably one. Even if the place were mid-rise (10-15 stories), I think there would be far more interest in the proposals down there. We know at this stage what we’re going to get while the DDDA are in charge and so far it’s been mind-numbingly boring.

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