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Frank Taylor

@asdasd wrote:

The lack of height in the Grand Canal docks, or Spencer Dock is what makes them boring. no-one cares one way or the other what goes on there, it seems. No thread has been posted here on the on-going developements. Unlike the spire thread which went to a thousand posts

conclusion: tall and interesting are the same thing.

Here’s an image of the buildings on North Wall Quay, next door to Spencer Dock:

Here are some problems that I see:
The streets are arranged in an orthogonal pattern, all streets intersecting at right angles. So streetscapes resemble lessons in perspective. Tedious
All floors in the buildings are of the same regular height. Monotony.
All building surfaces are unadorned and textureless. Artless
Most buildings are made of concrete and then coated with a thin tile-like layer of stone. This becomes obvious at the corners of the buildings and the windowframes, where you can see the joins in the massive tiles. Cheap.
Many large buildings in the block have been built very close to each other but don’t actually join. Result: tall thin gaps for no reason, Incohesive.
No uniformity of building materials or colour: Looks like a kid’s lego town.
The buildings will age badly. the outer tiles chip and break off, the smooth clean lines look dreadful as soon as they start to weather. I wouldn’t give these structures more than fifty years. Would you?

On the plus side;
It has a sense of place.
It has a pedestrianised wide street and square that is well used as a common gathering area by office workers and students.
It gets no tourists, shoppers or passing trade but it’s busy enough during the day.
It’s bright.
It’s denser than previous building patterns.
It’s still better than the National Wax Monstronsity and the Abbey Brick Wall

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