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Are we to come up with a punchline or an answer? 🙂

Has Hawkins even been sold yet, with the last press release just expressing the intention of a sale? – can’t remember…

As for Poolbeg St, to dig an even deeper hole, looking at pictures it isn’t nearly the dump I thought it was – lots of lovely stuff there! 😮
Don’t know where I got the impression of it being lined with rubbish from, must be the Hawkins Effect. Only been on it a handful of times as Burgh Quay or the other mainstream streets feel a lot safer in the evenings when I pass through that area.

As for Mulligans – not being mad into the alchól, frankly I’ve never been into most of Dublin’s venerable institutions! 😮
Somehow I’m guessing interior photographs don’t quite equate to the real thing…

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