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Paul Clerkin

@Graham Hickey wrote:

I had a good look at this quay the other day from the Matt Talbot and really and truly it is the most horrendous, mediocre, incoherent pile of rubbish in Dublin city centre. You tend to aviod looking at it at the best of times, so it was quite an effort to observe it for more than a few seconds!

With the exception of the Corn Exchange. the Georgians next to O’Connell Bridge House and the Dutch-style Victorian on the corner, I’d like to see all of Burgh Quay completely flattened, including Poolbeg St as far back as Pearse St.
This entire city block is filled with the greatest collection of rubbish that it is nothing short of an architectural landfill.

You philistine – the second best pub in the world is in that block and you want it demolished?

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