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I think it was Frank Taylor who said in a previous contribution that many high rises are just one floor multiplied by X. This building is a classis example of that type of building. If we are going to build high-rises, we should strive for better than this. With proposals like this is it any wonder that Ireland’s flat earth society gets so hot under the collar when they hear the word high-rise.

In a previous contribution on the issue of high-rises, I asked were there any people out there who had worked or lived in high-rise buildings (by this I mean anything over 15 floors) so as to comment on the human experience of high-rise living/working. Oddly enough, only one contributor responded with some anecdotal experiences. Maybe I should rephrase the question – how many Irish architects currently working on/planning high-rise buildings have actually lived/worked in one for a substantial period of time. Maybe – in the interests of our architectural future – all architects and planners who propose/develop such buildings should be made work/live in one for a period of a year so that they can fully understand how best to design them.

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