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Frankie Boy

‘But what it DOES have is a low-rise urban form. This above all is the strongest element (if not the only element) that holds the city together, that makes it distinctive, both for us living here, and on an international level
One may argue that this makes the city nondescript – it doesn’t, it makes it unique, and increasingly more so with the ever-growing development pressures on Eastern European cities in particular.’ 🙁

Graham I think you are greatly over rating the sky line of Dublin (or lack of). Although GCD give us a glimpse into what could have been a very dynamic looking modern centre, it is a half baked and monotoumous due to this Dublin obsession with maintaining the ‘sky line’.

What progressive Ireland is offering, is another dimension to Dublin made up of a cluster of high rises whilst maintaining the skylines ‘uniqueness’ else where.

What we are facing now is high rise buildings dispersed through out our city, re Hueston Gate; Jury’s and even Dun Loaghaire for heaven’s sakes.

This is perfect example of compromise (a lose lose situation).

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