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Frank Taylor

@PDLL wrote:

…the size of a structure can in itself be a source of inspiration – a physical embodiment of wo/man’s technological, scientific, and cultural prowess. This was very much an element of nineteenth century British architectural theory in which buildings were considered a physical manaifestation of man’s prowess during the Romantic period. More modern day examples would be the former Twin Towers in New York, the Sydney Opera House, the Pentagon, and so on.

Agreed and hence cathedrals and their modern day equivalents. I expect that the WTC was an unpleasant and inhuman place to work in exactly the same way as any other tall building. The opera house is only about 65m and performs a civic function rather than being lived in or worked in. The pentagon is only 25m and most impressive from the air.

If this is an innate human desire and buidling big is an expression of that desire, then it is a justifiable expression of being human. Why she would suppress it.

Many innate human desires are contrary to the good of society when taken to extremes and suppressed by laws.

Indeed, you mentioned that the concept of the skyline comes from America – most probably not. Londoners have been climbing to the top of St. Pauls since it was built so as to peer out from what was then one of the highest buildings in London over the rooftops of the city.

I meant to say highrise skyline. By the london defintion of skyline, every city has a skyline of spires and rooves.

the Pyramids and Newgrange.

more civic structures neither used for living or working. Pyramids were not the normal type of housing for Egyptians.

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