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Should the style of a building not always be of secondary importance to its function and its utility as a component in the city system? I’d like to live in a well connected, low-rise dense city with high quality public spaces. I couldn’t care less if it were heritage, modern, post modern or pastiche.

Agreed – high quality public spaces are crucial to making urban life liveable. In my opinion, this is what Ireland’s towns and cities need most. I am not necessarily a blind advocate of high rise buildings, but I do feel that they also have a place in the modern cityscape. I am surprised to hear you argue about style being secondary to function and utility (I am so surprised, I hope you have interpreted you correctly). If style is to play second fiddle to function and if we want to keep our cities low-lying with lost of public spaces, I am beginning to have awful visions of an endless Ballyfermot floating before my eyes. I truly hope this is not what you had in mind. Style does not have to be sacrificed in favour of function – a good architect will bring both happily together. If, however, you propose an urban concept driven by functionality alone, then I am worried, so worried that I am sure I must have misinterpreted you somewhere along the line.

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