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If London can do it so can we. Ireland is a wealthy country now. We should show off that wealth like the British are doing

Don’t believe the hype. Yes, according to some statistical research we are wealthier than the british now, but it is like comparing Westlife to U2. We have gotten ‘wealthy’ (or some have gotten wealthy overnight), but will it last. The British economy, while it has taken some bashes over the years has an extremely strong historical foundation – it developed over hundreds of years and will probably last the course. Lets hope ours can to. If you don’t believe this, then look for pictures of the Irish stock exchange trading floor and compare them with those of the British stock exchange. You will see the difference between the two economies quite quickly.

Differences between London and Dublin: about 7-8,000,000 people. No contest.

A number of comments have referred to the low skyline of Paris. Eh – have we forgotten about La Defense, Paris’s high rise business district? Eh, have we forgotten about the hundreds of tower blocks that make up Paris’s suburbs???

Reasons for high buildings:

Aesthetic: allow different forms of architectural-cultural expression (they don’t necessarily have to be ugly just because they are high);
Symbolic: huge prestige value and important for defining a city’s image and a nation’s image;
Economic: useful barometer of an economy’s success – also tend to attract high profile international companies and organizations that seek out prestige buildings;
Geographic: can provide a georgraphical and developmental focal point in a flat urban landscape.

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