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YES! The stance on building high rise in this country is SHOCKING. You would swear it was a criminal act or something! Dublin’s skyline is pretty much two chimneys (which were they buildings would be huge!) a spike and loads and loads of steeples!

Admittedly, there are very few (if any) cities in Europe of similar size to Dublin (Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen…) who have impressive modern skylines….and like us, their skylines are noted more for, shorter, historic buildings and structures. And I’m all for the preservation of old stuff….but seriously, the Docklands (north and south) and perhaps the Hueston area should be developed in a way that maximises the true potential of the land space AND that adds to the aesthetics of a world renowned historic, yet modern city in the 21st century!

One thing that really annoys me is the “no, that will spoil the view when you look down Fitzwilliam Street” or “that will cast a huge big shadow over me all day, every day” mentality that seems to be preventing Dublin’s development upwards. So what, are we not to build of this age where builds can be seen alongside buildings of old? Should we build old style so they compliment the numerous old buildings??? and forget about optimum land usage and era? And should I ask the council to knock down the houses and shops across the street from me, coz they cast a fierce shadow over me sitting room and i get no sunlight after 4 every day….???? Its all a tad silly.

I really struggle with the problem with high rise! Will the stance ever change? Linda has pointed out all the proposals that are on hold – why are they on hold??

I think its slighty ironic that an Irish tourist on a first time visit to,say,New York or indeed London, will gaze in amazemant and wonderment at the tall buildings there, yet when it comes to building them on their home turf, they jump on the opposition band wagon….I dont get the mentality! And its obvious that that mentality is rampant amongst those who decide what to allow and not to allow.

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