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Manifesta et al – I ask for sponsers but little did I imagine that there would volunteer such a realistic and far sighted (and undoubtedly costly) project manager. My aim is to get that optimistic wee (well rather enormous) fella to the top of the mountain before I die. Perhaps a sustainable diet of hillside suburban banality could speed the trip and before my dying day I could celebrate a picnic with the Tortoise team and said Geochelone Gigantea at the Hellfire Club.

The Snail – It would seem that the truely shelled contingency inspire revolution and revolt while the hare like yet fundamentally tin canned automobile inspires passivity. A slow revolution then! Is there a wrecking yard up the hills as smybolic stopping point in the onward march of this Optimistic traveller?

Really though, really really, this is but alegorical fancy whereas I do truely aspire to a great big copper crustationious creation taking his first tenative steps in the near future. In the spirit of delegation then can I request that some graphic whizz imagine the piece; Snail you can leaflet the Dail; and Manefesta I’ll charge you with negotiations with Mr Bono Voz and cohorts!

Slowly proceeds the revolution – Shane

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