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@GregF wrote:

*Just to add, Waters mentions Dublin folks initial opposition to the 1916 Rising, but he fails to grasp what is quite understandable the fact that the centre of the city had been destroyed with business’s ruined and local lives lost, the majority of Irish men of the Irish Volunteers were abroad fighting in the trenches for the British Army (as we were a part of the UK at the time) but in the hope of gaining Home Rule for Ireland!

*Also, the rest of the country, including rural ireland, didn’t rise up in support when the news of the uprising in Dublin broke.

there were also risings in cork, tyrone, galway, ashbourne, enniscorthy. know your facts. plus a weeklong rising isnt going to get much traction. anyway how much did dublin participate in other rebelions… i dont think i ever saw one reference to it for something like the nine years war (bit more a chance to get involved there) other than brits heading north out of it.

ps businesses ruined… id take that for the north back (if there wasnt going to be a troubles mark 2 (the sectarian part)and their was a majority for it- which there is in some of the 6 but 3 counties were seen as too small to survive (derry city west of the folye was also in donegal before partition), the rebels in the jacobs factory & south dublin union were attacked by locals.

home rule wasnt going to happen, a new election was due again after ww1 and unless they IPP held the balance of power again they were never going to get it
(ps iv never truly gotton why 1916 is held in such high regard, the actual rising itself was a military disaster it was what happened after it that made the difference on the road to part independance the day they were shot should be marked)

and FF did have a connection to the irish psych to be honest, going back to the civil war… it was stupid especially seen as the country was declared a republic under fine geal! and even with the mess they made they are still the third largest party

@thebig C wrote:

waxing lyrical about how he required and deserved to live by the sea in Dublin like other urbane thinkers

in all fairness though he does sound like a bit of a twat but why is this on a architecture form seems the place for it

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