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Legal action threatened against council

11 April 2006 12:31
Road hauliers have threatened to take legal action against Dublin City Council following last night’s decision to ban trucks from 7am to 7pm from next year.

City councillors last night voted to accept the council’s strategy for heavy goods vehicles.

However, the councillors also voted to introduce a complete ban on large lorries on roads around the city centre a year earlier than originally planned.


A proposal to extend the ban to smaller trucks earlier than planned was dropped following advice from the City Manager, John Fitzgerald.

Dublin City Council’s HGV strategy, published last month, proposed banning lorries with five axles or more from a cordon around the city centre between 7am and 7pm.

This is to take effect two months after the opening of the Port Tunnel later this year.

However, it allowed for trucks to have access to Dublin Port via East Wall Road on the northside and Sean Moore Road on the southside, until the first phase of M50 upgrade works was completed in 2008. Councillors have now decided to close off these access routes for hauliers on 1 January 2007.

Councillors also wanted to extend the ban to lorries with four axles or more from March 2007. However, that amendment was dropped after Mr Fitzgerald said it was ‘completely crazy, not feasible and would cause chaos on the M50’.

Councillors discussed the HGV strategy for more than three hours last night. Many felt it was a ‘fudge’ and did not go far enough towards banning lorries from Dublin.

Others raised the issue of enforcement. Councillors said the strategy would not be worth the paper it was written on unless it was properly enforced.

I hope that the City Council do this it will add signifiacntly to the quality of the pedestrian experience between the canals. 😀

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